Ethereal Brewery


The Ethereal Brewery is a pub and brewery whose foundation predates everyone’s memory.
From a mundane point of view, it’s a fascinating little old place, where writers and usual young bohemi√©ns can come and taste a great beer in an old-looking place full of atmosphere. The brewery produces various beer kinds, and they’re ultimately very good.

The owner is Daniel Laxton, whose origins are so Irish you’d take him for a leprechaun, a stocky middle-aged man with a deep voice and an attitude, who doesn’t really like the fact that his pub is the target of layabout graffitteers, but he’s way too lazy to do anything about it. But the graffiti give to the place that nouveau-classic hipster appearance that’s good for business, anyway.
Many people mainly think that “old Dan” is an eccentric old man, and his strange behaviours, and strange guests that sometimes appear, don’t really surprise anyone anymore.


But what looks like a normal brewery from the outside, hides two secrets.
The first one is almost manifest. The Ethereal is a Neutral Place in the Real World where members of all factions can come and meet without the fear of an attack or any kind of violence. Even spells are forbidden inside the place, and Pacts have been ratified about it. The Ethereal is a safe haven for every supernatural creature that wishes to have it, for whateber reason, as soon as it doesn’t break the Pacts and attacks someone inside.

The second is a deeper secret. Under the secret, and nearly always well locked cellar of the place, there’s a hidden trapdoor. So well hidden that for years no one ever noticed it. Not untile three young mages discovered the secret passage in Lexington’s UnderTown to their Laboratory, and conquered it.

Apparently, Daniel’s family mission is to watch over the Mages who posess the Laboratory under their brewery. Normally, that would only mean a normal collaboration, but with those particular three mages, for Daniel it has become a full-time job of lore-distribution, fatherly care and life threatening ignorance-induced risks from them.

Happened here:
– The First Meeting with the Fairies
– The First Meeting with Thorned Namshiel
РThe First Meeting with the Pollos Rojos de la Revòlucion
– The First Meeting with Lucifer
– The Clash with Nicodemus

Ethereal Brewery

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