Lord of Flies

Chief of the Hive


Basic Information

The Lord of Flies is the ruler of the secret criminal community that dwells in the Lexington UnderTown Hive.

He is tall, blonde and well built, with a scar on the left side of his face that has rendered his left eye useless.

Even if he only is in his late twenties, he has already a huge burden of responsibilities on his shoulders. He is, in fact, entrusted with keeping everything in the Hive go as smoothly as possible, with this ranging from inventory management to fighting to being judge, jury, and executioner.

He keeps his underlings in place with kindness, but under the severe ruling of his Code.

Lord of Flies has proved to master at least four languages and to have a surprisingly good culture in Theology.

He seems to be deeply involved with Chrystabella, and he seems to be strangely concentrated on teaching her the true nature of a good heart.


His real name, first revealed to Chrystabella by himself and then confirmed by DataDorian dwelling the deep web, is said to be Cullen H.

Born of unknown mother and father, the first records of his life is when he appears as a guest of the Feuerstelle in Versailles (Kentucky), a charity orphanage led by catholic churchmen and nuns, apparently being abandoned by his parents on the very first days of his life.

DataDorian unveiled the terrible truth behind the supposedly charitable institution. Cullen and his fellow orphans were, in fact, victims of the sexual abuse of the priests. Publicly, the orphanage closed due to the old age of the keepers and lack of funds, but the truth is that the older kids organized a riot against their capturers and fled.

Cullen confessed to have killed the head priest himself, and having taken delight in doing that.

After that moment, the official records of said Cullen H. through the subsequent years are only reports of his sightings around the cities of Versailles and Lexington, begging on the corner of the streets or engaged in minor criminal activities. After a while, the sightings – and the records – stopped.

Lord of Flies has then confirmed the story to the mages, admitting that a few of the kids that flew from the orphanage with him are his most trusted men in the Hive.

Cooperation with the mages

Lord of Flies had is part in helping William retrieve his sister, Josephine, from the band of cultists that had abducted her. During that case, he sowed the first seed of trust with the mages having William heal him of some very bad injuries that he took in a firefight with the cultists.

Since then, his Hive had become a stable haven for the mages as the Ethereal and the Lab became a safe heaven for him.

Curious of understanding the many misteries of the supernatural world that unfolds at just a block’s distance from his “realm”, Lord of Flies has been twice invited to fairy formal events by Chrystabella, as a human diplomat and representative of mankind.


- Lord of Flies gifted Chrystabella a dime before she went to the Fairy War of the Equinox. He then revealed that that dime was the first that has ever been given to him during his period as a beggar in Versailles.

- During the same conversation, after an emotionally intense moment, Cullen received a misterious key that seemingly popped out of nowhere. He seems not to be able to detach himself from it.

- Due to his catholic education, Lord of Flies seems to have vast knowledge of the Bible, and is very diffident towards Lucifer and whatever aid he may offer to “his” mages.

- Cullen is very curious, and interested in fairies, and fairiy tales. He keeps a ragged book of nursery tales from his orphanage times.

Lord of Flies

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