Chrystabella Lee Chastity Faith Sweetheart



Chrystabella Lee Chastity Faith is the eldest of Wilson Sweetheart’s two children. She was born on the 25th of November 1997, and her zodiac sign is the Sagittarius.
She was a very loved and pampered child, but not so much spoiled. On the contrary, both her parents always expected very much from her, and pushed her to always be the best in whatever road she would choose to follow. From study to sport, from social life to generous behaviour, she grew up with the constant pressure of having to be the absolute best. At heart, she’s a happy little child who loves to give and to see smiles on the people she cares about, attracting a hoarde of friends around her with her charming smile and her giving habits. She firmly believes that everyone should be as happy as she is, and she’s determined to act towards this particular end.

Her father, Wilson Sweetheart, is the CEO of the Sweetheart’s Peanut Butter Factory, the world’s biggest peanut butter factory and a family firm passed down through at least three generations of Sweethearts. It’s one of Lexington’s most important establishments and one of the main job sources of the town. It traditionally passes down to the male son, but Chrystabella’s younger brother Walter never showed interest in business or economy, and so Wilson’s choice fell on the shoulders of his firstborn. Chrystabella has been hearing that she’d be running the factory one day since she was 10.

Her mother, Morgana Sweetheart, was the exact kind of wife you’d expect for a CEO. Smart and brilliant in society, as much as beautiful, she led a peaceful life made of charity, focused on creating funds and foundations to help the less fortunate. She loved both her children very much, and spent a lot of time with them, instructing them both in etiquette, behaviour, traditions and giving them both an overall complete Victorian education. She insisted very much on catholic education too, making both of her children attend Sunday School regularly and gifting Chrystabella an old necklace of hers: a platinum cross.
She sadly died for a strange heart attack when Chrystabella was only eight and Walter still five. Her death was the traumatic event that triggered Chrystabella’s magic to emerge.

She has a brother, Walter, three years younger than her. He’s, simply put, angelic. He’s always behaved in the most perfect manner. He’s peaceful, gentle, kind and nice, always smiling and always seeing the best part in everyone, completely incapable of mistrust. He dearly loves his sister, and she obsesses over protecting him from any harm. When he was 13 he was diagnosed with Camurati-Engelmann Syndrome, a genetic disease slowly eating away at him. Since then, one of Chrystabella’s main goals became finding a magic strong enough to cure him. He’s an artist at heart, and has exceptional painting skills, and an IQ so high he’s going to graduate ad age 16 from College and he’s already wanted by some major universities.

Chrystabella is the first one of the trio to officially awaken completely to magic, at a very young age. Scared and confused by her sudden ability to control small events and setting things on fire depending on her emotions, and having no one to talk about it, she has to swim or drown in her own magical powers, making her frustrated for every failure and terrified of being discovered and institutionalized, or worse.

The death of her mother has another not so unexpected consequence. Since her death completely destroyed Chrystabella’s world, she turned from the happy and garish giving child to a sad, depressed kid in dire need of affection and people with the patience to put up with her mood swings and her needs to pass the trauma. She then discovered the tendency of children, and of people in general, to detach from complex people when they start asking instead of giving, and promptly found herself without all the friends she thought she had.

All except for two: Dorian Harrower and William Halsted.

They all knew each other because of their parents. The Halsteds were the Director of Lexington General and his fashion star wife, while the Harrowers were namely the best, and most expensive, lawyers of the city. The circles they attended led to their meeting and bonding, and soon their evenings included bringing their children, of the same age, when visiting the others.
Chrystabella formed, quite istantly, a deep bond with Dorian. The dull, joyless child, always in the corners of parties and rooms in general, awakened her protective tendencies even before her own brother was born. She always felt a natural need to tend to him, to make anything to bring a smile on his pale lips, and to defend him from harm, starting with accidents in the playground to bullies in the school alleyways.
William turned out to be the good twin she never had. Their competition started in the playroom, when they all were barely able to walk, and never stopped. From marks at school, to the Valedictorian title, that they had to share because their marks were equally as good, to smart thinking competition, anything one tried to do, the other one had to do better. Chrystabella always regarded William as her best part, the part who could still trust and see light, and her own beacon of reason when darkness tried to get the best of her, and the rival to best that always led her forth, never letting her rest. When the other two found out they awoke Magic too, she was scared and worried for them, but a part of her was so relieved that her two best friends could be, finally, the one to talk with about magic and power.

They were, and are, the only two friends of her early years who stayed with her after her mother’s death, trying to cheer her up and to help her get out of the depression that followed. Sadly, that didn’t stop her from starting to understand that the world is a horrible place where people are interested in you only if they can get something from you, and closed herself from trusting. Apart from Dorian and William, she didn’t let anyone else get close to her, or truly trusted anyone else. She just faked friendships when she preferred people to like her because she needed something, just like they needed something from her.

The first of two exceptions to that rule was Longinus Paxton, a classmate she met when she was 10. Good-hearted, smart and funny, Longinus never wanted anything from her, but managed to become her friend and to keep on, even if Chrystabella stopped giving him gifts or money or, when they were older, never slept with him. She grew to consider him her best friend, and the proof that, eventually, it was possible to find someone who stayed because she was she, and not because of her name, her money or because she had sex with them. She still doesn’t believe that Longinus is deeply in love with her, and is waiting desperately for her to notice him and fall into his arms.

When she was 11, Chrystabella was kidnapped. She disappeared for three days, during which the kidnappers tried to bargain over ten million dollars for giving her back. On the twilight of the third day, she arrived in front of her house, dragging a radiator to which she had been handcuffed, bruised, dirty and hungry but alive and well. She could never explain to the police what happened: during this ulterior traumatic event, she developed a second personality: and angry, strong and masculine personality with an appetite for destruction that she called Walternative, because it was like all the bad and wrong disposition flaws her angelic brother lacked were summarized in it. He’s usually just a voice in her head, but sometimes, if she gets stressed enough, he emerges and just destroys.

The second exception to the trust rule was Sebastian Ravensley, Chrystabella’s boyfriend. He was the soccer team captain of her high school, son of a friend of his father’s, and they got together when they were some months shy of their sixteenth birthday. Handsome, smart, funny and romantic, she truly fell in love and believed, like all teenagers, that he was “the one”, until she discovered, in a very bad way, that he got with her just to take advantage of her money, her body and eventually of her father’s recomandation to enter the prestigious Transylvania University one day. The discovery not only froze her heart, it convinced her that love is too complicated and isn’t worth the while, leading her on a life of one night stands or friends with benefit relationships of which she seems much satisfied.

Since that day, she had trusted no one. Until the day she met Lord of the Flies in the UnderTown Hive, while searching for William’s sister. She was quite stricken with his good looks and the aura of power he manifested, but soon what had begun as an allies-with-benefits relationships unraveled in something deeper. She trusts him and looks for his advice and, above all, his understanding and approval. She’s the only one who knows his real name and sad backstory, and he’s the only one who she had entrusted with the safekeeping of her mother’s cross, when she had to leave for the Fairy War and wasn’t sure to come back. She periodically gets supplies to the Hive to let people’s lives less miserable, and particularly cares for the children.

She has recently discovered that her mother comes from an ancient Mage bloodline called the Leshracs, a gynormous magical family with members all over the world, all tied by the power of the Trueflame, a special and more deadly kind of fire. With Trueflame, sadly, comes another legacy, which is an unescapable written destiny. This discovery has even more shattered her world, for her freedom had always been the most important thing for her.

- She was contacted by both Algernon and Caspar Leshrac, the two main exponents of the major Leshrac family ideologies. The main goal of the family is to discover which Entity granted Alyssa, their founder mother, the power of the Trueflame. Algernon’s party wants to find it to bargain for even more power. Caspar’s party wants to try and renegotiate to be freed by the written destiny’s chains imposed on every Leshrac. Caspar told her to stay away from the family altogether, as her Mother probably wanted.

- Chrystabella has now full property of her mother’s laboratory and of her old flame sprite Ember. Apparently, Lucifer can come and go from the evocation circle in it as he pleases. The key to the laboratory is a necklace the same Lucifer gave to her.

- She had the dime Lord of Flies gave to her joined with the cross her mother gave her, creating a celtic cross where the Sword is her mother’s cross, meaning the passing down of her magical power, and the Shield is the dime, namely, Lord of Flies. She never takes the necklace off.

- She is perfectioning in potions and magical items creations since she discovered this was her mother’s main field of study.

- Since she learnt how to grow wings, she loves flying. Her wings are angel wings and change their colour depending on her soul’s mood.
- She can play the harp and sings very well.

Chrystabella Lee Chastity Faith Sweetheart

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