The Truetime is one of the Seven Majestic Forces.

It is associated with the legs and the flow of time.

The entity from whom the Force is obtained is still unknown.


The Truetime power allows its user to change, even if lightly, the course of Time itself. No other magic, or power, or ability whatsoever has been known to interact with time apart from this.

Truetime users can stop time for all but for themselves and other Truetime users; or they can step back in time to a previous moment for themselves — which is particularly useful to cancel a fatal blow. This power can also be used to send creatures and objects alike in the future, therefore banishing them from existance for as long as the present doens’t catch up with them.

Experienced users of Truetime are said to be able to stretch their life for as long as they wish.

The mode of transmission is, apparently, some sort of mysteric education, whose secrets are sheltered and brought over, generation by generation, from the DuMorne family. IT is proven, however, that some kind of genetic transmission is also possible, though it takes a lot of exposure to magical powers to awaken even a rough, intuitive, form of Truetime.

The beares of Truetime seems to share a common penchant for personality disorders. Wether this is tied to the power itself or it is just coincidence is yet to be proven.

Known bearers

- William Halsted III
- Justin DuMorne
- Arabelle DuMorne
- Viceroy DuMorne


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