The Truelife is one of the Seven Majestic Forces.

It is associated with willpower and corpses.

Life itself is the entity that grants this Force.


Truelife is maybe the simplest of the Seven. It enables its user to bring a mortal back from the dead and restore life to it — as if said mortal didn’t die at all.

Depending on the power of the user, Truelife can restore life to a variety of degrees; ranging from reviving a fallen ally removing from his body the weapon that inflicted the murderous blow to bring back someone without the need for his body, soul, and regardless of dinstance.

Some say that with immense quantities of Truelife even a Spirit from Beyond can be resurrected, although it has never been done before.

Special effects on the bearers’ psyche exerted by this Force are still unknown.

The mode of transmission is still unknown.

Known Bearers



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