The Truefright is one of the Seven Majestic Forces.

It is associated with the entrails and natural instinct.

The entity from whom the Force is obtained is still unknown.


The Truefright power allows its user to take over to all of the natural feelings and pulsions of a living being — even non-intelligent ones — and transform them to terror.

It is known to suppress every other istinct but the one to panic. Its power is as grand as to suppress even the most basilar forms of the survival instinct: the terror is too great to bother living anymore.

The mode of transmission is, apparently, breeding with peculiarly strong partners whose genetic predisposition for a massive physical frame seems to be the power’s preferred genes to attach to. The power then lies dormant for generations, just waiting to expose itself when needed.

The beares of Truefright are usually deprived of the ability to feel correctly any sort of emotion — living it as gray and meaningless — apart from fear. If they use their power to curse someone to cause thrm harm, their feelings awake for the time the curse lasts, with a strength proportional to that of the unlocking curse.

Known bearers

- Dorian Harrower

- She who hath done Evil

- Shadow


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