The Trueflame is one of the Seven Majestic Forces.

It is associated with the arms and the course of predetermined destiny.

The entity from whom the Force is obtained is still unknown.


The Trueflame power allows its user to utilize an empowered version of the fire that a wizard normally uses for combat purposes. Trueflame is, in its core, fire — but it is brighter, hotter, and way more lethal than usual fire. Using Trueflame, a mage defies luck and destiny, being sure to land the most vicious and lethal blow possible.

Trueflame seems to be an exclusive of the Leshrac family of wizards, spreading itself by ties of blood. In breeding, it has been engeneered by the Lehracs that an overly intelligent partner is more likely to generate a child with the ability to use Trueflame — as they call it, the Gift.

Trueflame has a double effect on its bearers. First, when used to harm or — even better — to kill, it fills the bearer with an orgastic sensation of accomplishment and satisfaction. Thus, Trueflame puts itself in a position in which it is very likely to be used often, soon becoming a gifted individual’s one and only font of pleasure.

Second, it would seem that all Leshracs are bound to fulfill the plans of the entity that first was contacted to give them the Trueflame in the first place. Falsely believing to make their own choices, all Leshracs unknowingly pursue a predetermined path. Some of them do not care, judjing the power to be far more intriguing, while some others do care, prefering a larger leash than a larger offensive potential.

It is theorized, but not proved yet, that the essence of Trueflame can decline itself in other elemental fa├žades, such as water, air, earth, light and dark. The only acknowledged one is the Truesmoke manipulated by Algernon Leshrac, current head of the family.

Known bearers

- Chrystabella Lee Sweetheart
- Algernon Leshrac
- Shariel Leshrac
- Alyssa Leshrac
- Morgana Leshrac
- Caspar Leshrac


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