The Truedeath is one of the Seven Majestic Forces.

It is associated with self-consciousness and souls.

Death itself is the entity that grants this Force.


Truedeath allows its user to manipulate souls.

This Force can be used to prevent a mortal’s soul to depart from the Material Plane and rejoin the lives of the Beyond the Veil as a member of a supernatural faction.

This power alone doesn’t assure that the target will be killed: the user has to provide death to it with other means. The power simply catches the soul before it departs and stores it in particular containers — usually gems.

A captured soul can then be used as a source of considerable power, but doing so consumes it, snuffing it out of existance.

This practice is itself the most cruel form of violence.

Users of Truedeath tend to develop a fascination towards the act of passing from a state of life to a corpse-like one, as well as a growing inensibility to violence and death. This deprivation of normal common sense and moral is usually justified to one’s self with philosophical theories about death and rites of passing.

The mode of transmission of the Truedeath is unknown. It is speculated that Lady Death concedes personally this gift to individuals, rather than making it reproduce on its own, and revokes the gift when said individuals rejoin her by dying. Nothing is proven, though.

Known Bearers


— Chico

— Nicodemus


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