The UnderTown Laboratory


From a hidden passage in the Kentucky University, lies a passage in the city’s UnderTown that leads right in front of a hidden door, so well hidden that just Mages can see it.
Inside that door lies quite big a space that seems to predate the same UnderTown, lying its roots in a distant medieval-like period, judging from the glass window and the structure and decoration.

In the center of the laboratory there’s the true magic space, with the Potion Cauldron and the Summoning Circle space. There are many shelves with books, many other are still empty, and much space for paraphanalia and objects to be found or created.

With the laboratory comes the comely and upbeat personality of Zagor, a Goblin who has its home in the lab’s cellar. He’s a goblin engineer, avid conjurer of worrying-looking thingamabobs and master swearer. His love-hate relationship with the mages is one of the moments of solace of their common lives.

The Laboratory lies under the Ethereal Brewery, and under the patronage of its owner, Daniel Laxton.

Happened here:
- The Battle for the Laboratory
- The Unwitting Evocation of Satan

The UnderTown Laboratory

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