The UnderTown


Right under the city of Lexington, lies a second city. A hidden and forgotten mixture of roads and old buildings sunken deep into the ground and simply built over during the years.
The UnderTown is a maze of unexplored mysteries, where criminals and lowlife can find all the space and privacy they want for their misdeeds, as well as persecuted people can find shelter and a safe haven to wait for a miracle to happen and life on the surface to be possible again.

The UnderTown is not completely mapped, and even its inhabitants don’t completely know its potential, dimensions and all its nooks and crevaces. Nor do they know the dangers that could lie inside it.

Part of the UnderTown is territory of Lord of Flies Hive.

Happened Here:
- The Search for Josephine
- The Battle with DataDorian’s People
- The Clash with the Pi Kappa Alphas

The UnderTown

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