The Mothers' Cottage


Right in the middle of the Elysium territory over the Veil, lies this patch of territory where few dare to walk. It’s a strange place, nor cold nor warm, nor winter nor summer, with a yellow sky, a sweet hill and a deep forest surrounding a small, cute cottage.

Inside this cottage live two of the most powerful beings in the chain of command of the Supernatural world: Mother Winter and Mother Summer.

The first one is a goblinish old lady with a scraping voice, the second is a smiling plump lady with a penchant for tea. They both are sweet old grandmothers who will treat you kindly if you address them with respect. They can’t tell direct truths nor directly intervene in the happenings of the world, but they can influence others to bring change to events.

This is a kind of neutral place in the world over the Veil, and not even the Elysium tries to change this status quo.

Happened Here:
- The Meeting with the Mothers
- The Falling of Aurora’s Mask

The Mothers' Cottage

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