The Hive


The Hive is a subterranean alternate society that can be found in Lexington’s UnderTown. It’s a series of old buildings, connected with a maze of tunnels and corridors that host over 300 people with criminal or discriminatory background. All the people that Lexington doesn’t “want around” are gathered here, in squallid life-conditions, forced to manage with what they find to survive.
Apparently, that’s the only place they could live in, for if they resurface, they’re going to be imprisoned but not to pass through law’s cycle. They fear they’d be directly killed or expeditively made disappear.
The only access to the Hive is an arched entrance that’s always guarded and that leads to a daedalus of corridors only the locals know how to navigate without getting lost in a web of dead ends.

The Chief of the Hive is a mysterious man called Lord of the Flies, a tall, blond, muscolar man with half a face ruined by a massive scar. He rules with an iron fist, but with a just heart, and is more an illuminated monarch than a vicious tyrant, truly caring for his people and their welfare.

The Hive had become a dear ally of the Mages, and mutual protection and assistance has been ratified and thoroughly kept going.

Happened Here:
- The First Meeting with Lord of the Flies and His People

The Hive

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