The First Meeting with the Pollos Rojos de la Revòlucion

When it was sure that the Fairy War couldn’t be avoided, Queen Mahab called forth all her favours and allies to fight alongside her. Those included the Three Mages but yet another cluster of Magic Users from Boston.

Without any previous indication or warning, the Three Mages and Daniel Laxton found themselves invaded by the notorious mage group known as “The Pollos Rojos de la Revòlucion”, an ex-cabal from the Mysterium, disbanded years before after some well-known and serious facts and never officially reinstated as such, but still working together.

The group that the three mages got to meet included: Chico, a mexican master of the Spirits, Vopros, a russian master of explosives and matter, Josif, a magic-created super-intelligent and exquisitely educated fire-breathing bear, River, an undead with incredible morphing abilities, Staccato, another undead with a great control over Death magic, Banshee, a magical Jack-of-all-Trades, and their chief, Garaham, a man of forms and metamagic.

The heterogeneous and quite noisy group arrived at the Etheral and met with their younger colleagues, and apparently they get along quite well, having kept in touch with each other even after the end of the Fairy War.

The First Meeting with the Pollos Rojos de la Revòlucion

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