The First Meeting with the Fairies

When the Three Mages had just found and claimed their Laboratory, they soon found themselves entangled in a secret and devious plan of the Summer Lady, Aurora, to generate the Fairy War of the Solstice.

This plan started with the death of professor Ronald Reuel, and soon led both the Summer and the Winter lady to the neutral place that is the Ethereal Brewery to discuss the undubitably serious sequence of suspicions that the death of the Professor had thrown on the Winter Court.

In this occasion, the Three Mages met with both of the Ladies: the Winter Lady, Maeve, and the Summer Lady, Aurora, for the very first time. Both of them immediately showed interest in the three and their growing powers. While Aurora wanted to keep them under her apparently loving watch to better exploit them when needed, Maeve, more practical, kind of hired them to find out the evidences that would clear the WInter Court from the Summer Court murder accusations.

In this particular instance, Maeve asked them to find the Winter Changelings to be sure they hadn’t acted on their own, and gave the three a leaf, passing it off as a comunication device for the Changelings but, when examined by the three, revealed itself to be a means to transform them directly into Winter Fairies, letting the Court protect them automatically if they were guilty.
The Three put a spell on the leaf to counter its workings, and in doing this cheated Maeve who personally swore her vengeance. Vengeance she tried to demand during the Fairy War, but was convinced otherwise by William Halsted, in exchange of a precious prisoner: Lloyd Slade.

The First Meeting with the Fairies

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