The Fireplace Laboratory


The day the Trio met Lucifer, he gave Chrystabella a necklace who belonged to her mother. Apparently it was the key to a passage in the fireplace in her budoir, that led to her Laboratory.

It’s a big round room, with a fireplace that’s the home of Ember, a small, friendly and helpful fire sprite that probably was her mother’s summoned companion many years ago. The laboratory has a big library with many books and it contains Morgana’s grimoire. She was practical and well versed in the crafting of magic objects, and some of her works are left unfinished on the tables of the place. There’s also a bed and some other stuff, included a piece of metal sheet on which Ember can manifest.

At the center of the laboratory, lies a Summoning Circle that’s apparently ready and functioning and it calls forth Lucifer at the launch of the little necklace, and not just his image, but a full touchable aspecf of him.

The Fireplace Laboratory

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