The Fairy War of the Autumn Solstice

Aurora, the Summer Lady, one-sidedly decided that she was fed up with Winter and Summer Court always having to be put against one another just for the sake of keeping the Seasons changing on the Human World. The slavery of her people over a world of blind creatures, too ignorant to get to know and understand the World Beyond the Veil was too much a burden for her, and thus she concocted a plan, ensuring the help of the Winter Knight, Lloyd Slade who, on his part, was sick and tired of being mistreated by the Winter Lady, Maeve.

Their plan started with the death of Ronald Reuel, professor at the Transylvania University of Lexington, Kentucky. Aurora hoped to, in some way, be able to ensnare his Mantle of Knighthood, but at his death the Mantle passed on to the most near thing to a Summer affiliate: the Summer Changeling Emily Evans.

Noticing the mistake, Aurora captured Emily and turned her into stone, to hide her and her possession of the Mantle from Titania, who having not gotten the Mantle back, smelt foul play and blamed the WInter Court for this dire diplomatic misdeed.

Sure that a war would rage, Aurora just had to destroy the Table, the powerful artifact indispensable for the passing of the Season Sceptre. The only way to accomplish something this huge was to obtain a particular other artifact, The Weave, a piece of cloth capable of dispelling, and in this case destroying, nearly any magic. But the Weave could be only granted by the Mothers, and they’d never granted it to Aurora.

There enter the game the Three Mages, fresh of their Laboratory discovery and suddendly sucked into the investigation on Reuel’s death by Maeve, the Winter Lady, eager to clear her court’s name from the Summer’s accusation. During their investigations, Titania decided to formally declare war on Mahab, on the Solstice’s day, in the Lexington Over the Clouds.

The events led to Aurora slipping to the Mages the idea of asking the Mothers for a solution to the incoming war through her newly acquired Green Guard, Longinus Paxton, long time friend of the three. Trusting their friend, the three went to the Mothers and acquired the Weave, of which Aurora relieved them immediately, imprisoning and almost killing them. It was just for the prompt intervention of Longinus, guided by the affection to his friends, that they managed to survive the predicament.

The Three decided to fight in the now inevitable war, on the side of the Winter Court, together with another group of Mages from the Magisterium, the Pollos Rojos de la RevoluciĆ²n. This led Titania to ensure the help of the Vampires on her side.

War started on the Autumn Solstice. The Winter troops, for the first time, reached the Table before the Summer Wind Sprites, ensuring a great tactical advantage, thanks to the Mages’ portals. The presence of an unexpected Undead Dragon and a Loup Garou in his wild form surely shook Summer’s morale, while the two Queens fought in midair and their troops got slaughtered beyond them. The battle raged until Aurora and Slade made their entrance.

Only at this moment, the Three Mages revealed thei had survived Aurora’s plan to kill them, and were able to snatch the Weave from her, starting a dire fight.

The War ended when Chrystabella Sweetheart burnt to ashes Aurora, helped by Dorian Harrower‘s sudden discovery of his hidden Truefright power and by William Halsted’s fast and prompt healing powers. They then freed Emily Evans from her stone prison and showed to Titania that her new Summer Knight was alive and well, and that Aurora was the true enemy, now reduced forever to just one head.

In the end, nobody won, apart from the Humans who saved an unknowing world.

The Fairy War of the Autumn Solstice

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