The Clash with Nicodemus

Having successfully exorcised, with the help of Zivago, Deirdre from Josephine, the Three decided to keep the Daenarius of the demon well hidden in their laboratory. Particularly, William much wanted to collect them all.

It was Lucifer to advise them that someone powerful was on their trail, and the three, not wanting to trust the Devil, tried to ask the already useful Thorned Namshiel about this mysterious menace coming from demons.
Summoned, Thorned admitted that after them was the most powerful of the Daenarians and, apparently, Deirdre’s “father”, Nicodemus Archleone. He was set to get his daughter back, and was coming right after them.

He hadn’t even stopped talking that Nicodemus entered the Ethereal and asked for the Daenarius back. William‘s attempt to bargain was met with a direct attack, countered by Chrystabella who teleported away the friend. Apparently, the Daenarians never signed the pacts that recognize the Ethereal as a neutral place.
Chrystabella started a doomed resistance against Nicodemus’s superior powers, until the entire roof of the Ethereal took fire.

Just when they were all convinced they’d be soon dead, Lucifer showed himself, declaring himself the protector of the Three Mages and ordering Nicodemus to go away and cease his attacks on them. After some discussion, Nicodemus receded and went away.

Lucifer repaired the Ethereal and offered the Three his protection, a mark that would have kept Nicodemus and his at bay, for as long as they had it, while they found a way to eliminate him, with his help. Before accepting to work with the Devil, though, Dorian demanded a written accord to be produced, read and signed. At which, Lucifer accepted, taking time to write it down properly.

The Clash with Nicodemus

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