The Battle of Stormheart's Peak

Since when Mahab gave the Three a mysterious location where Dorian’s questions about his power could find their answers, the Three had been preparing their travel through the Elysium to get there.

The place was a castle, a very disquieting one, clearly marked by the Summer Court as a place of which any memory had to be lost and forgotten.
Ignoring the warning, the Mages, in the company of Maeve and some of her soldiers, marched towards the castle.

The first obstacle was a fallen bridge, which William repaired with Ice.
Then, some Clorofiends barred the way, fighting whomever tried to enter the external garden. The Mages fought bravely, and overcame the most of them, running towards the inside of the castle as soon as they could, leaving Maeve to fend off for them the remaining Clorofiend outside.

Inside the Castle they found Shadow, a remnant of someone who once was Maleficient disciple, and probably son, left in a shadowy beaked form to watch over the castle until someone with the Truefright power came. He was so eager and kind that the Three never suspected a sudden backstab, that happened when Dorian triggered a mirror artifact. His body was possessed by Maleficient’s spirit and attacked William and Chrystabella, while Dorian passed on the other side of the Mirror, and started a fight with a dragon.

Midfight, when Chrystabella and William were at wit’s end, Zivago’s voice made its way into William’s mind, suggesting them to light up the torches in the room. Chrystabella did, and discovered that the torches activated the mirror, but accidentally slipped inside before lighting all of them, leaving William to fend off Shadow and Maledorian, even if badly wounded, alone, .

Behind the Mirror, the battle between Dorian and the Dragon was going on for some time, but they hadn’t been able to wound each other. Chrystabella’s appearance, broke the status quo, and the two sides started exchanging hits, until finally Dorian killed the dragon. Maledorian and Shadow, promptly ended their life as well, leaving William alive and well.

They then explored the tower whose access was revealed by the disappearance of the mirror, and found out that Maleficient was a devious being studying reproduction and breeding to ensure the legacy of the Truefright, her powerful cursing power, leaving Dorian shocked for the possibilities and consequences the coming from her bloodline could have on him.

Zivago convinced Dorian to put Maleficient’s rod, found on Maledorian’s body, in a particular place of the Castle. The moment he did, the Castle became a Free Territory, rightly possession of Dorian as heir of Maleficient.

The Battle of Stormheart's Peak

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