Investiture of the Winter Knight

It happens at the beginning of October 2016, after the Fairy War of the Autumn Solstice.

The events of the War freed the title and position of Winter Knight for Mahab’s Court. The role of the Winter Knight is an important role of diplomacy, control and consideration, having to keep contacts between the Court and the Human World. It usually falls on Humans, but this time Mahab scored a big goal, securing the services of William Halsted, mage and hero of the Fairy War.

His investiture had been an important event that tied the Three Mages with an important Faction from Beyond the Veil. Fact is: in securing William’s services for her court, Mahab matter-of-factly secured herself the side collaboration of the other two as well.

The ceremony took place in Arctics Tor, where at the presence of the Queen, the Lady and Mother Winter, William accepted the Matle of Winter, symbol of his promise and commitment, he himself chosing to accept Mahab’s offer to better protect the Humans from the Fairy plots always airing over their head.

The main event of the evening was the future Winter Knight showing up with the future Summer Lady at his arm. A strong message of hope and peace the two of them made very clear reiterating it successively at the Coronation of The Summer Lady and Investiture of the Summer Knight.

Investiture of the Winter Knight

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