Coronation of the Summer Lady and Investiture of the Summer Knight

After the bloody events of the Fairy War of the Autumn Solstice, the positions of Summer Lady and Summer Knight remained vacant. That led Queen Titania to the necessity of choosing someone highly representative for both roles, to be able to somewhat bring down the spirits lifted too high by Aurora’s plan and betrayal.

Emily Evans, seen the centrality of her role in the whole situation, was by all means the most sensible. Problem is: Emily knew, and posed a condition, that if she had to be made Summer Lady, her own brother, Christopher Evans, was to be made Summer Knight. Titania had no choice but accept, even if Christopher was, by no means, her favourite choice.

The ceremony was grand and majestic, celebrated in the “small” garden of the Arcadia Palace of Oberon and Titania, in the presence of the King, the Queen and Mother Summer. Lily made a positive and encouraging speech that reassured everyone that, with her in the role, peace and order would be ensued, and the former mistakes never made again.
However, Titania missed the chance to graciously invite the three Heroes of the Fairy War, who were invited directly by Emily instead.

Two major scandals and a minor one enlivened the ceremony.

The first was the appearance of William Halsted, the Winter Knight, as escort of the Summer Lady, imposing one more time the decision of these two important figures of keeping peace between the courts and safeguard rapports between the courts in the days to come.

The second was the appearance of Dorian Harrower and his escort, Harley Finnegan, in clothes remainding everyone of “She who hath done evil” and her Black Guard, a dark figure of the Fairies’ past not to be remembered by order of the Summer Queen. Having the clothes being donated by Mahab unbeknownst of both their wearers, Titania mellowed, but made sure that Dorian knew that between the clothes and the power she felt coming from him during the War, he would have been kept under surveillance and, in case, she made clear elimination was a possibility.

That threat to the young mage’s life led Chrystabella to send back to Titania Aurora’s head in a box, with a polite but very clear letter depicting her disappointment at such threats and a reminder that Mages wouldn’t go down without a fight, in any case.

The third scandal, quite a vain but present one, was Chrystabella Sweetheart jumping over thousands of years of complicated Sidhe nobility to ask King Oberon to dance with her during the “Choice to the Ladies” round of dances, asserting a strong decision of being noticed and considered by the Court as important guests.

Coronation of the Summer Lady and Investiture of the Summer Knight

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