Cloud Lexington


When the Summer Court and the Winter Court have to meet to pass the Season Sceptre, they meet over Lexington, where the Table of Time is set. Over the table, the passing happens. And over the Table, wars explode. The last one caused the Ice Age.

A new Cloud Lexington had been summoned for the Fairy War of 2016, where the armies of Winter, Summer and their allies, clashed for a whole day over the unaware city under them.
Cloud Lexington is the exact copy of the city under it, just completely made of clouds, with an eerie and mysterious aura around its buildings. It has the power to grant anyone who wishes it to be part of the war just by wishing it in their minds, stated that he has to be sided with one of the armies.

After the war, the city crumbled down and disappeared.

Happened Here:
– The Fairy War of The Autumn Solstice

Cloud Lexington

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