Harley Finnegan



General Information

Alroy Aodhan Finnegan, commonly known as Harley, is the current head of the Finnegan family, and therefore CEO of the Finnegan Inc., and also a Loup-Garou.

Harley is the current love interest and boyfriend of Dorian Harrower, and to some degree he’s the cousin of Daniel Laxton.

He’s in his mid-twenties, very tall, having an Herculean build and showing all of the stereotypical features of an Irish pureblood, he has a short temper but is otherwise a cherish, kind fellow with a penchant for lightening up everyone’s mood by doing stupid, often childish things – but nonetheless, he is of noble nature and would do anything to protect his loved ones.

His feral curse grants him strength and speed that are superior to those of a normal human even when not in his lupine form, and that makes him a threat even when fighting supernatural beings.


Harley was born on the 3rd of August 1990, from the rich and laborous Finnegan family of Dublin.

He grew up in the luxuries of a wealthy environment, but he was also imbued with the practical, earthly way of his father (now deceased) , since he had to take on the family enterprise when time comes.

He graduated from the best schools in ireland and starred in his college’s rugby team.

His homosexuality has never been a problem, nor to him nor to his family, except for a slight disapproval from his mother, Mairead Meara Finnegan. He had countless flirts, short term relationships and one night stands — all but the latter have ended miserably.

When he was barely twenty-three, his father died, presumably after being shot with a weapon loaded with inherited silver during a night in which something went awry with the cricles of confinement.

After that night, Harley — being firstborn — has been infected with the vicious curse of the Loup-Garou.

The Curse

The most classical in terms of lycanthopy fairy tales curse, this peculiar form of magic forces Harley to turn into a massive, ten feet high hulking lupine creature, driven only by his hunger and thirst for living flesh, on each night of full moon from dusk till dawn.

While in his alternate form, the creature has supernatural strength and speed, able to tear apart a man’s chest with just his claws and maws. It is also nearly unkillable, being vulnerable only to inherited silver.

The human turned into this form cannot exert any control over his own actions, but remembers them afterwards, and is thus overridden by guilt.

This curse, according to Harley, seems to have been bestowed upon his family from St. Patrick himself, and thus cannot be broken by magic. Even in human form, the power of the curse is so great that gives Harley a degree of superhuman strength and speed, and the ability to follow scent trails like a wolf. Unfortunately, it gives him a few dog-like mannerisms as well.

As the curse passes onto the first child of the current victim, each one of them is magically bound to have at leas one male son — wether he wants it or not — before dying.

Cooperation with the Mages

Our Trio first met Harley in the UnderTown, while he was looking for the robber of his magical circles of confinement, an artifact passed from Finnegan to Finnegan to render the Loup-Garou’s curse at least innocuous to innocent bystanders. Having received help from the mages and wishing to return the favor, Harley tagged along and tried to help them in their search for Josephine and for a solution to the Fairy war.

The four of them went along petty well, and Harley was soon “adopted” by the three, and was also glad to be able to meet his cousin Daniel as well.

He quickly grew an affection for Dorian, as in him he found a kindred spirit who could finally understand the suffering he had to endure and the constant fear he lived in. Soon the affection and will to protect each other changed to something more.

During the War, Dorian used his magic to alter Harley’s curse, using his wereform to help them in the fight. As aresult, Harley was used against the mages by Aurora, and almost killed Dorian himself. That led to the discovery of the Truefright Power.

Even after having discovered that Dorian’s feelings are muffled and dull due to his heritage powers, Harley decided to stand by him and try to overwhelm his gray demeanor with his flamboyant enthusiasm and love.


- The first time the mages got to know Harley, they guessed his sexual orientation by observing his boots.

- Even if he decided to stand by Dorian for the time being, hoping that he could love him fully, he had turned down the mage’s offer to become his Blackguard.

- Harley might seem all cherish and laughter, but deep down he’s tremendously jealous.

- After the two spoke after the events of the Battle of Stormheart’s Peak, Harley received the misterious key that seemingly popped out of nowhere.

Harley Finnegan

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