Dawn of Magic

The InnKeeper

The day Daniel Laxton's life changed forever

After defeating the demon and the goblins, and after the peace treaty with Zagor, the three mages started to explore their new surroundings. The Laboratory they discovered had a place for rituals, with a cauldron and a place for summoning circles, a library with some books, a few of them but very well kept considering the conditions they were in, and some collapsed rooms. The placed looked like a very old building, maybe even from the 1800s. There were big coloured windows, now completely blocked by earth, and the walls and floor were made of stone. It would have taken some time to tidy it up well enough to make it a place of work again, but it already had its own character. They were trying to contain their excitement, when suddendly, a voice came from over them, calling out to whomever there was down there.

Scared and preoccupied, the three followed the voice to a flight of stairs and a hatch in the roof, discovering a new ingress, apparently in the main vat room of the Ethereal Brewery.

Calling to them was no other than Daniel Laxton, owner of the brewery, a middle-aged irish man, who didn’t seem so surprised to find three teenagers in an ancient laboratory under his establishment.

Talking with him, the three discovered that Daniel’s family had been in charge of keeping watch over the Laboratory since ages, waiting for someone to come and claim it again after its latest occupants disappeared for unknown reasons, or not remembered ones. Daniel’s family are keepers of the Lore on the Supernatural world, and also the keepers of the Ethereal that’s, true, a successful(ish) brewery, but also a neutral place where Supernatural creatures can come and talk with the guarantee not to be attacked or killed by anyone, as per accords signed eons ago.

Daniel thusly rapidly becomes the trio’s friend and advisor on a world they are just now starting to discover.


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