Dawn of Magic

The Hunch of the Harrower

How three mages went of their first adventure

Two years after the three friends found themselves united by the greater force of magic, on the very day before their university started, Dorian had a hunch.

A vision. Showing an hidden facility in the UnderTown, a stucture in which the trio could be free to practice their powers without worrying about being discovered by the normal folks around them. Where perhaps the so much needed answers they were seeking so hardly were — at least, partly.

After locating the entrance in the Kentucky University and surviving an attack from Walternative, the three descended into the dark and hollow corridors of the underground city.

Slipping past some guardsmen without inquiring for what they might be guarding, Dorian, William and Chrystabella reached a door that could be seen only with the eyes of magical creatures.

Inside they found the facility Dorian saw but… it was taken by a gang of goblins led by a slug demon in corporeal form. After their very first battle, the demon was vainquished, and they took possession of the ruined lab.

Inside it they found a lot of old books of magic, most of athem spoiled by time and needing repairs, a cauldrun, and some ampty rooms with marcescent furniture. And Zagor.

Zagor is a goblin, a fairy sided with the Winter court. But a very particular kind of goblin indeed. Fist of all, Zagor has a cellar under the main floor of the lab, ad uses it for his own “studies” — often leading to explosions and other weird noises, and a lot of filthy language.

If you don’t fuck with me, I don’t fuck up with you, You understand you punks?


Dorian_Harrower Dorian_Harrower

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