Dawn of Magic

The First day at Transylvania

When the heroes met the Supernatural World

The trio went to bed a Laboratory richer and woke up to get to their first day at the Transylvania University, a day for which the three of them had worked hard and stubbornly nearly their own lives. It was implied that any child of their three particular families must go to the most refined university in town, and that of course meant Transy, from which all their parents graduated before them. Achieving that goal took a lot of sacrifice, and magic world or not, no one of them could feel as good as the day they passed the gates of the University, to start chasing their dreams.
William was after a medical career, following the steps of his father, in his constant quest for saving lives. Dorian also was going to march in his parent’s wake, taking the long road towards the family’s law firm, and Chrystabella had her path set in front of her since a very young age, and very much more so since her brother was diagnosed with his disease, leaving her the only heir to the Sweetheart’s economic empire. A doctor, a lawyer and an economist, the true hopes for a better Lexington of tomorrow.

Sadly, the opening year ceremony was quite turned down by the bad news of the day: professor Ronald Reuel died in a terrible accident the day before. That meant near to nothing for the trio, but for many seniors it did mean the loss of a good teacher, and the air of mourning could easily be felt thorought the ceremony.

While Chrystabella disappears on the trail of a charming professor and finds herself majoring in both Economy AND Criminal Psychology, William notices something strange: Daniel Laxton. Not someone you expect to see on university grounds.
Approaching him, they are soon joined by a tall, mysterious man with a “not of this world” look. He presents himself as Aarlesidhe, a noble Winter Elf, and starts to imply that Reuel’s death is something more than a human accident, being the professor a supernatural/human figure himself: The Summer Knight. Aarlesidhe leaves a call card to William, instructing him to use it if they wanted more informations.

Curious about this first dip into supernatural, William goes to the little chapel of the University where the body is exposed for last goodbyes. There are just a few people there, and nothing can be understood from the professor’s body at this stage. Story says he fell down the stairs of his home and died tragically, living alone without anyone who could help him.

Back at the Lab, the same afternoon after classes, the three find themselves curious, and call forth Aarlesidhe to talk with him.

Knights, for Summer and Winter courts, are humans vested with the Matle, a sort of supernatural power that grants them the title of being mediators between human world and fairy world. Apparently, the Summer Court is no so convinced that Ronald’s death is a simple accident, and while the mystery remains, some accusations are not so covertly made towards the Winter Court. And in this midst of doubt and suspicion, the mages discover, to their utmost surprise, that their names have come out as well: three young mages suddendly find a forgotten laboratory and a Summer Knight dies? Apparently, that raises questions.

Especially from the trio, who don’t know what is going to happen to them.


Dorian_Harrower Chrystabella_Sweetheart

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